Spray Painted Kitchen Uppermill

Spray Painted Kitchen Uppermill.

This kitchen was a glossy kitchen with a colour combination that was not going to suit the future decor.

Spray Painted Kitchen Uppermill

My clients wanted virtually matt finish which was wipeable and durable.

So, I went ahead after consulting with them and giving the information regarding a very durable paint finish that had a 10 percent sheen.

Spray Painted Kitchen to perfection in Uppermill.

I always prime to the same colour as the top coats. I use the exact colour. For example, if the top coat is Hague Blue (a very dark blue) then the top coat finishes are in Hague Blue.

The reasons for this is that if any heavy chipping should occur,which is unlikely, then the exposed primer will not show. Some painters use a white primer, so if there is any wear on the corners, this then shows the white primer underneath. its just a fine detail that should never be overlooked.

Ok, so this was the process from start to finish of this Spray painted kitchen, Uppermill.

All the doors and drawers were removed and taken to the workshop.

All the surfaces were thorougly de greased and rinsed down.Some really heavy areas were given a double treatment. This, of course, included the in situ areas.

The in situ areas were masked up.

On this particular project, there was not a lot of masking to do as all the internals were to be painted.

Professional Spray Painting of Kitchens, Uppermill

There was particular attention in the preparation stage of really rubbing down the corners as these areas are more likely to chip if not treated right. There’s little surface tension to these areas so it behooves me to ensure a good grip of the primers occurs.

The fun then began with a couple of coats of adhesion primer to all the surfaces of this kitchen.

The newly primed areas are given a slight abrade to get rid of any nibs that shouldn’t be there.

Then it was time to receive two coats of top coat which was also abraded in between coats.

Then all doors,drawers,fixings were put back.

A spray painted kitchen profesionally painted in Uppermill

The masking was removed with a final clean up for presentation to the customer of this beautiful spray painted kitchen.









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