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Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm.

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm. This is a beautiful Tom Howley kitchen. There was no colour change here as the client wanted the same colour. Having the same colour does not mean just freshening it with a top coat. The same meticulous procedure is applied to all of the kitchens I paint. This gives [read more]

Spray painted Kitchen , Hale

This was an exciting project to undertake. Reason being, it had previously been painted in a darkish green colour. The finish was not good either. It had stringy brush marks too! That’s where I relish taking on a project like this as I know that it is going to look and feel completely different. My [read more]

Spray Painted Furniture Chorley

Spray Painted Furniture Chorley. Spray Painted Furniture Chorley. Before photo above. Here are 2 wardrobes, a headboard and side drawers set of furniture. As you can see they had a dated look and needed to be re-modernised. If this was to be ripped out and replaced, which would have involved other costs.   If you [read more]

Spray Painted Fireplace Delph

Spray Painted Fireplace Delph. Here is an example of a litttle project I had in between painting my next hand painted kitchen. I paint furniture too and my client wanted my sevices in perfectly painting this fireplace.                                     [read more]