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Welcome to the blog for Spray Painted Kitchen, Manchester.

As well as being a bespoke kitchen painter, I also spray kitchen cabinets.

Spray painted kitchen Chorlton

There are a number if sheen’s I can use on your kitchen.

The most popular by far is a 10 percent sheen.This is a traditional eggshell type of look. It is quite modern and harks back to historical period times too.

Spray painted kitchen in Strong White

However should you like higher sheen levels, these can be accommodated for your spray painted kitchen.

So what kind of finish should you expect from a spray painted kitchen?

Spray Painted Purbeck Stone

It should be smooth and flat  it should definitely not look like it has been sprayed by having a perfect, even finish..

Purbeck Stone

I can show you a sample door. You can see it yourself rather than guess by seeing photos.

I thoroughly de grease your kitchen to ensure that the primers actually adhere to the surface.

Spray painted kitchen in Bolton-colour is Dimpse.

All of the doors and drawers  are removed and taken to my workshop. Even the kickerboards are taken away.

The in situ area is thoroughly masked up using precision tapes for where it matters.

The primer I use is an adhesion primer which will stick to trick slippery surfaces, even glass!

Two top coats are applied and are given a light abrading between coats.

Whilst at your home I will be using paint fume extraction equipment to keep the air clean and ensure your painted finish is perfect.

If you require a knob or handle change, this can be easily done. Any filling of holes will be done so there will be no sign they were there.

Please feel free to look around my site and read my blogs about previous kitchens I have painted – I have painted a lot!

Spray painted Tom Howley kitchen in Knutsford.

Any colour can be matched to the paint I use. The match is 99 percent accurate; sometimes better than the original colour!

Get in touch and ask me any questions that you may have about your kitchen spraying project.

A spray painted kitchen in Manchester covers all of Greater Manchester and beyond.








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