Hand Painted Kitchen Rossendale

Hand Painted Kitchen Rossendale.

Here is a hand painted kitchen project I completed in Rossendale.

The Client wanted to modernise her kitchen without having to rip out the existing cabinets.

The oak doors and units were robust,solid and substantial. Quality wise,excellent.


The darkness of the kitchen and the fact that it had dated by also going orange,was enticing my client to have it changed one way or another.

After a the initial consultation,my client was confident in the quality of finish that can be expected with a hand painted kitchen. A very misunderstood area as some people think they are going to see unsightly brush marks.This is far from the case as it is a specialist skill in achieving the ultimate in hand painted finishes.

The procedure is this:

De-grease,prime,finely abrade,clean with microfibre cloths,apply the first top coat, abrade and clean again,apply the second coat and finish with the third and last coat preparing the surface as before.

The end result is absolutely stunning!

New handles were fitted too giving a brand new look and dimension to the kitchen.

The colour was the equivalent of  Pavillion Gray mixed by Tikkurila in Everal Aqua 10. A lovely sheen finish and very hard wearing as it is an enamel.

Underneath the layers of paint is a coat of Otex high adhesion primer. This is extremely tough and has the adhesion properties i look for in a paint which will stick furniture some paints cannot even adhere to.That ‘s why the finished kitchen is guaranteed against chipping etc.

If you are in the North West of England and would like your kitchen to be transformed to something in the catalogues with new handles and a new granite top.even,give me a call.

If you are wanting a spray painted finish, I can provide that too.

All kitchen doors, drawers etc. are taken to my workshop to avoid disruption.

You are very welcome to ask questions about yout hand painted kitchen (or spray painted if you require) to your hearts content, so give me a call.













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