Kitchen Painter in Rossendale

 Kitchen Painter in Rossendale.

In this blog I go through what a transformation you can expect.Even if it is a bland kitchen like this to start with.

The before photo to the transformation.

This honestly did not look like a project to be potentially proud of in the beginning.

Let’s see how this progressed as a bespoke kitchen painter.

The project was begun by taking off all the doors and drawers. They were then transported to my workshop.

I used Tikkurila Everal Aqua10 for the finishing coats. First of all they get a thorough de- grease. this ensures that the primer coat will actually adhere to the surface. also, when sanded, grease is not being rubbed into the surface.This way one gets guaranteed results with no chipping in the future.


The primer is now applied to the clean surface,when I can, I use a damp microfibre cloth to remove all dust after rubbing down. the primer i use is an adhesion primer. So, it doesn’t matter what type of surface it is. Even a melamine surface is no problem with this primer.This primer is the amazing Tikkurila Otex high adhesion primer. i used the oil based version as it blocks anything seeping through bar knots,for that i use a couple of coats of Zinsser BIN. i just let the primer down by adding 5 to 10 percent white spirit to assist flow and leveling. When you hit the sweet spot it levels sublime!

Hand Painted Kitchen Rossendale

After it has been primed it gets a rub down with fine finishing paper.

Specialist kitchen painter Rossendale

Then it is vacuumed and microfibre cloth wiped.

Now time to apply the first of the top coats. the paint in use here is Tikurilla Everal Aqua 10. A tough water based enamel which is super tough and levels beautifully.Three coats were applied to get a great solidity of colour. Between each coat, each door is de- nibbed using fine sanding, vacuuming and cleaning as above.

kitchen Painter Rossendale finish of 10% sheen.

The result is perfection as all the attention to detail in the prep has been followed.

The same process was applied to the carcass,end panels etc.

I also offer spray painted kitchen and furniture services too.

Rest assured, whichever option you would choose, be assured that you will have a perfectly painted kitchen!

I am your kitchen painter Rossendale. If you would like an accurate quote, I can do this for you over e-mail  or whatsaap without visiting your home if you wish.
















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