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Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford

Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford. This furniture was made by Hand Painted Kitchens of Christchurch. As you can see it is made of tulipwood and MDF. My client had several of these in the house which needed painting to the highest of standards. One of the main issues with MDF is getting the surface to be [read more]

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm.

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm. This is a beautiful Tom Howley kitchen. There was no colour change here as the client wanted the same colour. Having the same colour does not mean just freshening it with a top coat. The same meticulous procedure is applied to all of the kitchens I paint. This gives [read more]

Spray painted Kitchen , Hale

This was an exciting project to undertake. Reason being, it had previously been painted in a darkish green colour. The finish was not good either. It had stringy brush marks too! That’s where I relish taking on a project like this as I know that it is going to look and feel completely different. My [read more]

Spray Painted Furniture Chorley

Spray Painted Furniture Chorley. Spray Painted Furniture Chorley. Before photo above. Here are 2 wardrobes, a headboard and side drawers set of furniture. As you can see they had a dated look and needed to be re-modernised. If this was to be ripped out and replaced, which would have involved other costs.   If you [read more]

Spray Painted Fireplace Delph

Spray Painted Fireplace Delph. Here is an example of a litttle project I had in between painting my next hand painted kitchen. I paint furniture too and my client wanted my sevices in perfectly painting this fireplace.                                     [read more]

Specialist Painted Furniture Didsbury

This Specialist Painted furniture in Didsbury was painted from bare wood. It did have a few knots in it , but was sealed over twice to ensure that there would be no yellowing of knots showing through in the future. Specialist Painted Furniture Didsbury. Knotting solution applied above. The wood was primed first of all.The [read more]

Hand Painted Furniture Bolton

Hand Painted Furniture Bolton. I also hand paint furniture as well as kitchens. In this example of hand painted furniture Bolton,the darkened wood effect needed to go to invite a more contemporary look. However the functionality of this furniture served well and needed just a colour change. This furniture was primed and painted using Tikkurila [read more]