Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Chorlton

Welcome to my brief article about the spray painted Tom Howley Kitchen in Chorlton.

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen in White Tie

I have hand painted kitchens for well over a decade. I also spray.

The current spray paint finishes are perfect.

My hand painted kitchens are perfect too, but with virtually brush free finishes.

On this particular Tom Howley kitchen, it had previously been sprayed.

Spray Painted TomHowley Kitchen

The clients loved the finish, but wanted it to be brand new for themselves as they had moved in to the property and the Tom Howley Kitchen came with the house.

A great selling point for a house it is too!

Chorlton has a lovely electric night life and community spirit.

It was great to be in Chorlton again.

So, on with the kitchen.

I dismantled all the doors and drawers as well as all the handles magnets and hinges.

All of these must come off to get that brand new feel.

Spray Painted Kitchen in Chorlton

Some sprayers have methods of keeping the doors on while they mask up everything including the hinges.

I don’t go for that approach.

I do thoroughly mask the area to be painted though.

I take the doors, drawers, to the workshop where they get a thorough de greasing.

As it is a kitchen, it is absolutely imperative that 100 percent of the grease is removed so that the adhesion primer can be applied to full success.

This also goes for the carcasses, end panels, mantle etc.

Then everything gets finely abraded.

I don’t necessarily rub the hell out of the previous finish as all I want is a key. To be fair my adhesion primer will stick to un -prepared glass.

I use Mirka Goldflex pads which are good at contour sanding because of their spongy flexibility.

This spray painted Tom Howley Kitchen in Chorlton was thoroughly prepared to get perfect results!

Spray painted Tom Howley Kitchen in Chorlton.

A good vacuuming and excess dust removal with a microfiber  cloth and it is good to go with the primer.

Then it’s 2 coats of the colour. Abrading between coats of course.

Tom Howley Kitchen Sprayed, Manchester.

The finish is superb!

The clients very happy indeed!







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