Spray Painted Fireplace Trafford

Here is a transformation of a fireplace which was spray painted for my client in Trafford.

The original was a stone fireplace.

My client wanted to brighten up the room by having it painted white.

Before photo pre -spray painting of fire surround/fireplace

It takes about a day to do as there are several coats to apply, not to mention plenty of prep and masking.

To start, I gave the fireplace a seriously vigourous degreasing.

Then it was sanded down to help with the adhesion of the primer.

Once vacuumed, another light degrease.

Then masking up the walls and floor around the fireplace.

I applied a coat of Zinsser  BIN water based primer and stain blocker. I chose this product because of its adhesion and stain blocking properties. I didn’t really need the stain blocking but you can never be sure, so I like the  belt and braces approach.

After 45 minutes, the primer was dry.

I then applies the first coat of Tikkurila Akvi Top DS25. It gives a lovely satin finish. In fact it is closer to eggshell.

The first coat was dry after about an hour with the assistance of the heating being on and a fan heater pointing in the general direction.

Spray painted fire surround, Trafford, Manchester
Spray painted to perfection!

Then it had a light abrading ro remove any nibs and make it super smooth to the south. It got a vac and wipe down before applying the final top voat of DS25.

Spray Painted Fireplace Trafford

After it was dry, the masking was removed.

Fire Surround- Spray PaintedEt Voila! A perfectly spray painted white fireplace!

My client was very, very happy with the final result!


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