Hand Painted Kitchen Halifax

hand painted kitchen halifax
Here is a Hand Painted Kitchen Halifax.
This kitchen was built from high quality MDF by my client Nick Gaukrodger. That is his profession.

The before picture of the hand painted kitchen.

He needed a professional paint finish applied to his finished work. This hand painted kitchen Halifax post validates Nick for his fitting expertise! He also chose the right painter who could hand paint kitchens to perfection!

When painting onto MDF, one needs a high quality primer which will prevent the fibres from raising and  give a super smooth finish.As a kitchen cabinet painter there is no compromise on smoothness when dealing with furniture.

hand painted kitchen halifax

In this case I used Otex high adhesion primer which soaks into the MDF when a little white spirit is applied. It is then rubbed down to a super smooth glass like finish.

Hand painted kitchen halifax complete!

When painting on MDF it is important to use the right primer for the project the surface can fir up causing inconsistency and roughness of the surface which will need to be rubbed down and repeated in it’s priming stage. This can continue and not reach the standard required. However,when i use Otex,this freezes the MDF.The fibres in it go nowhere,it gets a light rub down and it then has a glass like finish for a perfect hand painted kitchen.

Hand painted kitchen Barkisland Halifax

Once all vacuumed and cleaned with a tack cloth, the surfaces were given 3 coats of Tikkurila Helmi 10.

As always, in between coats, the surface is checked for imperfections and de nibbed. This is the removal of any small imperfections.

I tend to sieve the paint i use.

One cannot rely on the paint manufacturer when painting a hand painted kitchen as a rule. I always filter the paint as it is guaranteed to be pure and clean. That’s the brush, the paint kettle, the surface, the surrounding surface/ environment etc. In fact you have to think like dust! where could it possibly go, where could it be on in it’s finest and smallest amounts?

Ensuring that all other tools are clean and dust free, with a clean environment, a non contaminated painted surface is guaranteed.

The final result was a super smooth hand painted finish. It looks great!


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