Spray Painted Kitchen Knutsford

Spray Painted Kitchen Knutsford.

This kitchen was a previously hand painted Neptune kitchen.

My customer had moved from London to Knutsford and had brought his kitchen with him. He loved it that much!

He had it put back together and it now needed smartening up and required a colour change.

The process starts with de-greasing all the areas and rubbing down all of the surfaces.

Knutsford Spray Painted Kitchen

It then got masked up so that the spray paint would not get onto any areas it shouldn’t.

All of the doors and drawers were removed and taken to my workshop in preparation for the first stage.

Here the primer was applied which was the same colour as the top coats,

It then had two layers of finishing coats which had a ten percent sheen level-almost matt.

In between coats it was rubbed down with 320 grit fine paper.

I also applied the same treatment to the in situ areas.

The masking was removed and all the doors and drawers were fixed back with their new, beautiful, handles and knobs.

Spray Painted Kitchen Knutsford

What a fantastic transformation.

The kitchen looked brand spanking new!

My customer was very pleased at the outcome.

As you can see by the photos, he finish is superb.

Great care was taken with this spray painted kitchen in Knutsford by it’s preparation and application of paint.

As you can see there is no orange peel effect, just a perfect, even, finish.

Spray painted kitchen units

If you would like your kitchen painting or would like any advice, please feel free to contact me.

I also provide a hand painted option for really traditional kitchen cabinets.

I can give advice on whether it should be hand painted or spray painted.

I can give you the pros and cons.











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