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Hand Painted Kitchen, Sale

Hand Painted Kitchen , Sale Welcome to this blog on Hand Painted Kitchen, Sale. This kitchen had been previously painted in a cream similar to what it was previously painted.   It was over 15 years old and had worn out in places. The main areas where a kitchen wears out are around the sink [read more]

Spray Painted Kitchen Bolton

Welcome to the blog about the spray painted kitchen Bolton. So what kind of finish should you expect from a spray painted kitchen? The reason I ask this is because of some peoples expectations. They seem to believe that the finish will look “sprayed”. When they say “sprayed” they think it is not going to  [read more]

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm.

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm. This is a beautiful Tom Howley kitchen. There was no colour change here as the client wanted the same colour. Having the same colour does not mean just freshening it with a top coat. The same meticulous procedure is applied to all of the kitchens I paint. This gives [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Hale.

Here is a hand painted kitchen in Hale, Cheshire. This was a medium oak kitchen and had dated. It is of solid build and of good quality, but my clients knew they could get more out of it. So long as the kitchen painting is spot on and perfect, the change can be significant. That’s [read more]

Specialist Kitchen Painter Bury

specialist kitchen painter bury

  I am your kitchen painter specialist for Bury and surrounding areas and here is my latest blog. This kitchen was transformed from a dark wood finish to a beautiful light finish using Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell. Specialist Kitchen Painter Bury before picture above. It was a delight to paint in a valley farmland [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Stockport

hand painted kitchen stockport

Here is a hand painted kitchen in Stockport which was transformed from a waxed pine finish which was not very pleasing to the eye.However, here comes some great change ahead! In the preparation stage, it was important to get off all of the wax using a powerful degreaser. Once I got rid of the wax, [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen,Wilmslow

hand painted kitchen wilmslow

  This is a hand painted kitchen in Wilmslow which has been transformed from a dated oak look to something more aesthetic and modern. The client wasn’t prepared to rip out the old kitchen for something that probably would not be the same build quality as this solid oak kitchen. I recommended French Grey by [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Preston

I travel all over the North West of England, including Preston, Lancashire, even abroad to paint the perfect kitchen. I had the pleasure of this commission in Great Eccleston, a lovely little village where everyone seems to know each other and their business. It’s a real tight community and rare to see these days with [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool

Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool

Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool: I paint a lot of kitchens. From brand new installations to make over from dark pine to a stunning masterpiece. This kitchen was a Charles Yorke Kitchen. It had been previously painted. In fact new flooring had been laid down, and the entire kitchen had to be removed! [read more]