Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm.

Spray Painted Tom Howley Kitchen, Lymm.

This is a beautiful Tom Howley kitchen.

Tom Howley kitchen painted by JJ Painting Services

There was no colour change here as the client wanted the same colour.

Tom Howley Spray Painted finish

Having the same colour does not mean just freshening it with a top coat.

The same meticulous procedure is applied to all of the kitchens I paint. This gives the kitchen extra robustness and longevity.

Tom Howley spray painting perfection.

There were some damaged areas which needed attention, but this kitchen had stood up pretty well in the 15 years after it was fitted.

Tom Howley came to meet the clients at the time of the fitting as he was just starting out at the time thus giving personal reassurance.

Almond white Tom Howley Kitchen - Spray Painted

So the procedure was to take off all the doors and drawers. Remove all handles, hinges, magnets etc.

I then took the doors to my workshop to get a thorough de-greasing, a very important step so that the primer is on solid and will not peel and crack in the future.

The in situ areas of the fixed part of the kitchen get the same treatment.

Then I abrade the whole kitchen and remove all dust by vacuuming and removing any residual dust with quality microfiber cloths.

The surface then gets primed by spraying a high quality adhesion primer mixed to the see colour as the finishing coat.

Then, a fine rub down to ensure the surface is perfect. Also dust removal again as described above.

Now its time for the top coats. That’s two coats with a rub down in between.

The end product- a perfectly smooth to the touch surface which is robust.

Everything is put back together with the addition of degreasing the handles.

As you can see by the close up photos the finish is impeccable.

And there we have it. Another very satisfied customer!

I take great pride in my work and have a lot if technical knowledge on products and practices that work.

Hence what you see here.

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I also hand paint kitchens such as Mark Wilkinson , Clive Christian, Smallbone, etc.

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  2. Susan Oakley says:

    Hi – we have a Neptune Howley Kitchen which was fitted about 10 years ago. It just is t standing up to it and looks grubby despite being clean! It is a pale oak and there are water stains on the doors near the sink. Your service looks excellent! Please paint our kitchen!

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