Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford

Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford.

This furniture was made by Hand Painted Kitchens of Christchurch.

As you can see it is made of tulipwood and MDF.

My client had several of these in the house which needed painting to the highest of standards.

One of the main issues with MDF is getting the surface to be absolutely glass smooth.

Fibres can raise significantly as the primer starts to dry.

There were some knots to deal with.

In this case I used a knotting solution followed by B.I.N. shellac primer.

However, having a great product knowledge, this was not an issue and the primer sanded back to a super smooth finish.

Once the furniture was primed, i Ifilled all of the nail holes and gaps. These were sanded back and spot primed over.

The furniture then gets a fine sanding back to ensure it is really smooth and has the right base to start painting on.

The dust is removed by vacuuming followed by a wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth.

Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford

The furniture then had two coats of Tikkurila Everal Aqua 10.

This gives a refined and subtle sheen.

Furniture painted using Tikkurila paints.
As you can see by the photos, attention to detail is key.
All knobs, hinges, etc. are removed during the painting process.

In fact,the doors and drawers were taken away to my workshop to be painted horizontally.

The result is perfection.

The client wad extremely pleased with the result!

Brush marks are not visible, due to my technique and level of perfection.

Im pushing the boundaries to give the perfect finish.

I commonly hear from my clients, “I cant believe it is hand painted!”
If you are looking for a kitchen and furniture painter worth his salt. Look no further!

it is the care and attention to detail, coupled with over 20 years experience which produces results that speak for themselves!

I hope you liked this blog on Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford.

I do cover all of the Greater Manchester area and beyond. So please get in touch if you have a kitchen or furniture which needs painting to incredibly high standards.

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