Spray Painted Fireplace Delph

Spray Painted Fireplace Delph.

Here is an example of a litttle project I had in between painting my next hand painted kitchen.

Before spray painting the fire surround.

I paint furniture too and my client wanted my sevices in perfectly painting this fireplace.

Spray painted fireplace Delph , Greater Manchester                                                     As it   It was made of polished stone and was of the texture of marble, it needed a really good adhesion primer.

It also needed de-greasing as a precaution.One does not know what has been placed on or around a fireplace. Sometimes wax from candles can be a culprit as well as stains from drinks.These can be invisible and play havoc on the primer and paint finish.One needs to guarantee adhesion.


I sprayed on Otex high adhesion primer mixed to the top coats colour of a light grey.

Once dry,this was abraded using finishing papers.

It then had two coats of Tikkurila Akvi DS25. A very hard wearing enamel with a 25 percent sheen.This is made and used for spray painting only.

Spray painted fireplace The spray painting of the fireplace was done with all otherf urniture in the room. This was covered up.The surrounding wall around the fireplace were masked up half a metre or so.

There was no real concern for too much overspray as i used HVLP (high Volume Low Pressure) spray technology.

This also keeps the immediate environment clean and  free of toxicity.

The outcome was superb. As you can see by the photos it has just the perfect sheen level for the fireplace.

It is a feature piece of the room so needed just that little extra sheen. Normally for furniture i use a 10 percent sheen level, but this sheen suited well.

I mainly paint kitchens and furniture and a lot of it is by hand too. Mainly because that is the style of the kitchen. However some know in their mind what they are getting with a spray finish.

You can consult with me free of charge on your project to get the very best out of the painting of your kitchen or furniture.


Good luck!






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