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Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford

Hand Painted Furniture, Stretford. This furniture was made by Hand Painted Kitchens of Christchurch. As you can see it is made of tulipwood and MDF. My client had several of these in the house which needed painting to the highest of standards. One of the main issues with MDF is getting the surface to be [read more]

Spray painted Kitchen , Hale

This was an exciting project to undertake. Reason being, it had previously been painted in a darkish green colour. The finish was not good either. It had stringy brush marks too! That’s where I relish taking on a project like this as I know that it is going to look and feel completely different. My [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Hale.

Here is a hand painted kitchen in Hale, Cheshire. This was a medium oak kitchen and had dated. It is of solid build and of good quality, but my clients knew they could get more out of it. So long as the kitchen painting is spot on and perfect, the change can be significant. That’s [read more]

Kitchen Painter in Rossendale

¬†Kitchen Painter in Rossendale. In this blog I go through what a transformation you can expect.Even if it is a bland kitchen like this to start with. This honestly did not look like a project to be potentially proud of in the beginning. Let’s see how this progressed as a bespoke kitchen painter. The project [read more]