Painted Kitchen Radcliffe

Painted kitchen Radcliffe

Painted Kitchen Radcliffe.

Here is the before photo of the kitchen.

Painted Kitchen Radcliffe.Before photo above.

Here is a perfect example of what can be done to an existing solid kitchen which is of good quality.

My client wanted a bold look to contrast with the white walls and the light granite surfaces

I gave them the Tikkurila colour card to choose their colour. They already knew they wanted a fairly dark blue and went for”Indigo”.

Painted kitchen Radcliffe

This kitchen was quite greasy to start with and needed extra de-greasing before abrading. If you do not do this stage, the paint will not stick to the surface. it will also clog up the sanding discs and paper. on top of this it will push grease into the surface.

Hand Painted Kitchens and Furniture

To ensure a good solid look I get the adhesion primer mixed to the top coat colour.

Kitchen Unit Painter Radcliffe


This is then gently abraded with very fine finishing papers and scotch cloths to get into any contours.

The dust is then vacuumed off and wiped down with clean microfiber cloths. This is then repeated to ensure an absolute scrupulously clean surface to paint on.


On each coat application the above is repeated to really make the difference.

Hand Painted Kitchen Radcliffe

Dust management is key in this business and one has to ensure all tools are clean and will not pass on any debris to the surface.

It is imperiative to take all the doors and drawers off and lay them flat.


I always take them to my workshop and put them on a racking system each door numbered. This ensures quick and easy re-installment.

The handles are put back on. alternatively I fit new ones on too.

Old holes van be filled with no visible traces for new handle formats too.

The masking in the kitchen is removed and the kitchen cleaned.

There we have it a perfectly painted Kitchen!

I love to teach this craft, but if you would like my services, why not give me a call and I will answer all your questions.

I take great pride in supplying you with a Grade A painted kitchen product you will be proud of.












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