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Painted Kitchen Radcliffe

Painted kitchen Radcliffe

Painted Kitchen Radcliffe. Painted Kitchen Radcliffe.Before photo above. Here is a perfect example of what can be done to an existing solid kitchen which is of good quality. My client wanted a bold look to contrast with the white walls and the light granite surfaces I gave them the Tikkurila colour card to choose their [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury

Hand Painted Kitchen in Didsbury

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury.   Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury mantle photo above. .This kitchen had previously been painted 15 years ago. It was certainly in need of a modern colour change and some minor repairs to bring it back up to date.My client had certainly chosen a kitchen painter with discerning attention to detail. This [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm

Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm, Cheshire. I received a call asking if I could paint a kitchen which has been waxed for a long time. A Hand painted kitchen by a specialist makes it look brand new with no brush marks visible. (Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm before photo.) The answer was “YES!”   Actually the answer [read more]

Hand Painted Kitchen Macclesfield, Cheshire

  Here is a hand painted kitchen in Macclesfield in Cheshire. This hand painted kitchen was a bit ragged and needed a lift as you can see. The client felt it was dated and wanted to lighten the space and liked the hand painted look. However, the format of the kitchen was just how they [read more]