Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury

Hand Painted Kitchen in Didsbury

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury.


side view of the finish which is a 10% sheen level.

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury mantle photo above.

.This kitchen had previously been painted 15 years ago.

It was certainly in need of a modern colour change and some minor repairs to bring it back up to date.My client had certainly chosen a kitchen painter with discerning attention to detail.

This hand painted kitchen Diidsbury was in Queenston Road.

There was also a dresser that my client wanted me to paint which verged into the dining area in the open plan kitchen space.

The dresser was also hand painted to perfection.

I take my work very seriously and understand the high degree of perfection required to create a beautiful aesthetic piece.

I dare say I go the extra mile with my attention to detail and perfect finishes.

For some, a hand painted kitchen is difficult to understand. How can you get that level of perfection with a brush?

Well, without going into it in detail, it is about technique and product knowledge of the best  materials and systems to bring you that flawless finish.

I take all the doors and drawers off and unscrew any furniture, handles or knobs. Then I get into the prep of it at my workshop ready for painting.

This kitchen was thoroughly de greased with a citrus degreaser before even attempting any abrading.

The reason for this is so that there is no grease being rubbed into the surface Therefore the adhesion primer is guaranteed to stick.

The Perfect Finish!

I paint the doors and drawers at my workshop  to minimise disruption. You can still use your kitchen during the transformation.

The primer is tinted to the same colour as the top coats so you get a solid build up of colour.

After another light abrasion, the kitchen surfaces are given three top coats.

Hand Painted Kitchen, Didsbury

On this particular kitchen, I used Tikkurila Everal Aqua10 for it’s tough enamel protection and beautifully refined 10 percent sheen.

The end result is stunning.

The modern colour change definitely gave this kitchen a bold new look with a statement!






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