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specialist kitchen painter bury


I am your kitchen painter specialist for Bury and surrounding areas and here is my latest blog.

This kitchen was transformed from a dark wood finish to a beautiful light finish using Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell.

Specialist Kitchen Painter Bury before picture above.

It was a delight to paint in a valley farmland area of Ramsbottom, surrounded by greenery, this cottage was being transformed to the status and beingness it deserved to hold this hand painted kitchen masterpiece

specialist kitchen painter bury

With new knobs being fitted too, the chrome really brought it up another notch.

Hand painted kitchens, especially using Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell is quite a skill as it is quite stringy and draggy. However knowing all the techniques it came out. Virtually brush mark free.

specialist kitchen painter bury

Farrow and Ball colours are quite unique and beautiful. I hope you liked viewing this. I enjoyed this project immensely

I do get some occasional requests for using Farrow and Ball paints. However, as a specialist kitchen painter, I do believe that there are better options. You see, some clients are sold on Farrow and Ball paints. I’m not really surprised. Their marketing and colours are beautiful and hard to replicate. I do however use a brand that does excellent equivalent colours which are an accurate match. In fact, almost any colour can be matched from any other brand if paint.

I use a lot of Tikkurila¬† Helmi 10 which is a popular sheen level. There are other sheets such as Helmi 30 which is a 30% sheen and there is 80, but I haven’t had any requests for that sheen level!

This kitchen was primed using Tikkurila  Otex high adhesion primer mixed to the same colour of the Farrow and Ball top coats. That guaranteed for me that all the layers of paint would stick and make the kitchen unchippable.

The kitchen was quite a change from what it looked like originally, but the style was unique and of solid build, so why change? Ripping out, rewired, re this, re that. It can be made simpler by repainting.

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