Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm

Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm, Cheshire.

I received a call asking if I could paint a kitchen which has been waxed for a long time. A Hand painted kitchen by a specialist makes it look brand new with no brush marks visible.

(Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm before photo.)

The answer was “YES!”


Actually the answer is a yes to it not chipping or getting discoloured in the future.

The answer to a project like this one especially is in the prep. There are a few stages one needs to get done first especially on waxed furniture.

Hand painted kitchen Lymm Cheshire

The first stage is t0 fully de-grease the kitchen. I use a truly Magical product from Finland called Maalipesu. After years of using products such as Fluxaf, Krud Kutter, Methylated Spirits etc. I was a little annoyed with myself that I had not discovered this product earlier. It would have saved me the time and the labour.

A painted kitchen in Lymm, Cheshire

After leaving until the next day to fully dry, you will find that most of the waxy residue is gone. I say most because wood is absorbent and wax gets into the pores and grain of it. This is why this next stage of primer is important. It is using a Methylated Spirit based product such as Zinsser B.I.N. This totally blocks any tannins from coming through and seals any potentiality of wax  encroaching into the top coat. On occasions like these I usually give it a second coat of B.I.N.

Attention to detail is key!

Then it is a coat of Tikkurila Otex high adhesion primer as it is mixed to the same colour of the top coat. Now you have the right foundation to put on  three top coats of eggshell as in this kitchen.

Yes attention to detail is key Painted! kitchen in Lymm .

So on a previously waxed kitchen such as this, its key to have several coats which will block any oils, waxes or tannins to bleed through.

Helmi 10 is a great traditional finish and has the durability required for a kitchen which can be knocked about a bit in daily use.

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