Specialist Painted Furniture Didsbury

This Specialist Painted furniture in Didsbury was painted from bare wood.

It did have a few knots in it , but was sealed over twice to ensure that there would be no yellowing of knots showing through in the future.

Specialist Painted Furniture Didsbury. Knotting solution applied above.

The wood was primed first of all.The doors and drawers were taken to my workshop where all removable parts of furniture and kitchens are taken.

My go to primer is Tikkurila  Otex.It is oil based.It has the ability of ensuring tannins do not bleed through in the future.On this particular project, tannins were not going to be an issue, but there is nothing like a belt and braces approach.This primer is an adhesion primer too,so it makes the furniture being painted virtually un-chippable.

Painted Furniture Didsbury

Specialist Furniture Didsbury. The finish is super smooth and even.

Once the primer was on I used a grade 320 paper to gently  and smoothly abrade the surface, getting rid of any imperfections.There were some slight areas to be filled, so these were sorted out using Toupret fine surface filler. These filled areas where also gently abraded and had been spot primed over.

Painted Furniture close up in Didsbury

After each successive coat, the paint gets gently rubbed down,vacuumed off and cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth.

Now its time for the top coat.

The paint  used on this project was Tikkurila  Everal Aqua 10.It’s a tough 10 percent sheen enamel.The colour- white.It had three coats over the white primer to make it a good solid white.

Hand Painted Furniture, Didsbury

The in situ frame and carcass was painted using the same process as above .

The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of having a perfectly painted traditional wardrobe.This was befitting of this Didsbury house.

Side view of hand painted furniture in Didsbury.

If you would like your hand painted kitchen or furniture painted, give me a call.

I also spray paint kitchens and furniture too if that’s an option you prefer.

Either way your furniture will look perfect.








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