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Hand Painted Kitchen Whitefield

This particular kitchen was painted in an a traditional oil based paint by Paint and Paper Library.

Most Kitchen painters use water based paints these days. However some of the water based products are not outstanding and durable enough to go on kitchens.

The reason for the popularity in water based paints is because of the fast turnover which means two coats can be applied in the same day.. Also the paint does not pick up much dust as it dries a lot faster. Also oil paint is very sticky and accumulates particles vert rapidly whilst painting so one has to be extra vigilant and scrupulously clean with ones tools and surroundings.

There are only s few water based products I would use as some of them can be reduced to a. Hewing gum consistency because of the grease from the oils and cooking fats.

Water based paints for kitchens I recommend are:

Benjamin Moore – Scuff-X
Symphony Coatings
Farrow and Ball- Estate Eggshell (actually a hybrid – oil suspended in water).

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos of the oil based finish.







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