Hand Painted Kitchen Whitefield

Hand Painted Kitchen Whitefield.

See the transformation take place below!

The kitchen is the focal point of the house and needs to be perfect in its paintwork  And I mean PERFECT!

Before photo of the hand painted kitchen.

Hand Painted Kitchen Whitefield. Here is the before picture.

It is all in the preparation and product knowledge.It also has to be hard-wearing and virtually unchippable.

This kitchen was a glossy one.The clients liked the outlay and set up of it.However, they wanted it to look traditional without the upheaval of ripping out and installing a new one- and we know of all the other things that have to be re- done as a consequence. Tiling, electrics, re-decoration and so on.

As it was a glossy surface, the kitchen needed an adhesion primer. The best one i know on the market is Tikkurila Otex high adhesion primer mixed to your preferred colour too.This ensures solidity of colour in the final result.The surface is thoroughly degreased and abraded prior to application of course.

The doors,drawers and plinths were removed and taken to my workshop.Absolutely everything is removed that doesn’t need to be there.This includes hinges,handles and knobs.

What a superb finish!

Hand Painted Kitchen Whitefield. Now with the top coats applied.

So after the priming stage,the kitchen is given several coats of Tikkurila  Everal Aqua 10.

Hand Painted to perfection!

The carcasses are also painted as above.I usually come back in the second stage after all the doors and drawers are painted for that.

On this project there were no knobs or handles on the doors and drawers.


To make this traditional and really make this kitchen pop, it needed some bold handles and knobs.For this I recommended some hefty handles and knobs from Carlisle Brass.

As you can see, when all was painted and put back together, it popped!

There were additional features like the shelves over the hob and also the dining surface.

The clients were delighted at the outcome.The kitchen was now warm and inviting.



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