Hand Painted Kitchen Rossendale / Rochdale

Here is an oak kitchen needing some modernisation.

The grain shows through on the finished product still showing the beauty of the oak whilst having a beautiful hand painted finish.

Hand Painted Kitchens are a specialist skill and have their challenges. How does one prime the kitchen so it will not chip in the future? How does one paint the finish coats without leaving brush marks. And no debris in the paintwork so it is super smooth throughout?

These are challenges that I overcome day in and day out painting high end kitchens and furniture. In fact, it is a well oiled machine now in the way it is approached and applied on a daily basis as a specialist.

One of the important rudiments is ensuring that the brushes I use are of exceptional quality. They have to be scrupulously  clean. The are even ckanilng processes that are not well known about where each brush, no matter how many times used is perfectly clean every time.

On this kitchen I used the Tikkurila  system of paints. The adhesion primer is always oil based if the client will permit. In this case it was oil based.

The top coats were of Tikkurila  Helmi 10 furniture  paint. This is a tough waterborne  finish which is used on the best and most prestigious kitchens in the UK

I always take the doors and drawers off including all the knobs and furnishings. In fact the first stage is of taking the doors and drawers to my heated workshop to be carefully painted and stacked in my racking system.

All of this is less disruptive in not  having all the space taken up in your kitchen!

The results, time after time speak for themselves  I love showing off my kitchens. Check out the close up photos on this and my other blog photographs.


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