Hand Painted Kitchen Littleborough/ Rochdale.

There are so many good reasons to have your kitchen painted. This client wanted to sell the house and downsize. He didn’t want the expense and upheaval of a new kitchen as the doors and carcasses were of solid build.

My client decided on an off white to brighten up the kitchen based on the surrounding decor. That colour was White Lead  by little Greene Paint Company. I did have this colour mixed to an equivalent and used Tikkurila Helmi 10 furniture paint. It’s ideal for kitchens as it gives a chip resistant finish, providing its over a good solid primer such as Otex High Adhesion Primer by Tikkurila.

The kitchen was over 15 years old and had multiple layers of grease built up in certain areas like around the cooker and extraction unit. It is imperative that no traces of grease remain when the adhesion primer goes on. In this case I washed it down with Tikkurila Maalipesu- a powerful de-greaser. This then gives me confidence that I can guarantee my hand painted kitchens against chipping.

The result was far more than my client expected. The finish doesn’t look like it is painted by hand nor sprayed, but leaves a kitchen feeling like it has soul. It’s been painted by a person and not a machine. It makes so much difference.

If you require a perfectly painted kitchen that is showroom quality, look no further. I am also a member of HPKUK which is at the helm of kitchen painting on the UK and exudes quality.

I paint kitchens day in and day out and have mastered this specialist skill. To get perfect, predictable results time after time, makes my process run like a well oiled machine. So, I try to get a couple of close up photos in to show off my finishes.

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