Hand Painted Kitchen Standish Wigan

This kitchen was part of a complete house renovation after it had flood damage.

Hand Painted kitchen Standish  

The client had chosen a different colour altogether going away from the cream colour of the original.

The kitchen had some intricate areas such as the corbels over the cooker.

It also had a wash put on it to very lightly accentuate the detailing.

As with all kitchens,it required a thorough degrease. I tend to use non chemical de-greasers nowadays.My go to product at the moment is Zep citrus based heavy duty de-greaser.This was a real eye opener on how well it got rid of the grease.It was given a trial and gave results beyond my expectations.Prior to that products such as Maalipesu, Krud Kutter and Fluxaf were the ones to use,but this does the trick! i at least give it two goes over.Basically starting again after the first rinse off to ensure there is no grease residue left over.This ensures maximum adhesion of the primer.

The doors and drawers did not need de-greasing as they had been completely replaced so were a slightly different style from the original.

The next stage is priming.With all the different primers on the market, the best one to use is Otex High Adhesion primer,solvent based.Why? Well it can adhere to any surface,even glass! That way the kitchen is guaranteed not to chip providing it was thoroughly de-greases in the first place.

After each coat, the surfaces get rubbed down so they are super smooth and ready to receive the top coats.

This hand painted kitchen had three coats of Tikkurila Everal Aqua applied to it.It has a 10 percent sheen,the most popular of sheen levels at the moment.It is almost matt with a very slight sheen when you look at it from an angle as you can see with the photos.

The clients were very pleased with the outcome. It really does surpass expectations! After all, it is a specialist skill.





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