Clive Christian Kitchen Hough

Clive Christian Kitchen Hough, Cheshire.

This was a hand painted kitchen project I recently completed.

As you may know, I am a specialist kitchen painter. Hand painted kitchens are my main craft, but I also paint furniture too.

Each piece is lovingly recreated with the aim of perfection. Bespoke kitchen units need this level of  commitment.

The before photo prior to the re-paint.

It was at least 20 years old from being fitted and originally painted.

Needing a little TLC, but soon will be back to its former glory.

The kitchen had built up a little wear and tear, was becoming discoloured and was time for a re-paint.

Clive christian painted kitchen side view.

This Clive Christian kitchen Hough was one of the originals. As you can see by the label it says,”Christians” which was their name before they changed it to what we know now.

Now that's better.

My Client wanted the kitchen colour to be Ammonite and Pigeon for the Island.

Clive christian painted kitchen  and painted Iroko worktop.

The iroko top for the island needed to be re-painted too which I will briefly go into in this blog.

Clive christian painted kitchen

To start with I  removed all the doors, drawers(including knobs)and kicker boards and took them to my workshop.

There I thoroughly removed all of the grease which had built up using a powerful de-greaser.

Clive christian painted kitchen

I then sanded all of the items, removing any flaky areas and getting all the surfaces super smooth for the application of the primer.

Clive christian painted kitchen

I applied a coat of Tikkurila Otex high adhesion primer. I use this all the time as it has great adhesion properties and really does paint smooth.I also have it tinted to the colours of the top coats.

Once primed,each item is gently sanded down to get an incredibly smooth finish ready for the top coats.

These also get rubbed down between coats which makes a massive difference to the final effect.I’m going for perfection here and as it is a focal point of the house, this is important.

The carcasses,end panels, mantel, plate rack etc. had the same treatment as above.

When painting the in situ areas,I ensure that it is kept clean at all times by having the area masked up including the floor and vacuuming  each day until the project is over.

Tke iroko top of the island was also de-greased and sanded back to bare wood.

This had three coats of Osmo top oil which is a hard oil/wax combination and dries brush mark free.

I hope you like the results!

Not just a kitchen painter, but a specialist who really knows his craft!













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