Hand Painted Kitchen Altrincham

This is a hand painted kitchen in Altrincham which had a massive transformation as you can see from the photos.

The kitchen is a Smallbone of Devises kitchen, transformed by being lovingly hand painted to perfection.

hand painted kitchen altrincham

There were some changes in position of some of the units, including a new wine rack. A hand painted kitchen to be proud of!

hand painted kitchen altrincham

The doors had been removed and taken to my workshop to be painted.

Prior to the painting process,the surfaces are de-greased several times.This is to ensure that the prep does not rub in the grease. Also, the primer used  adheres to the surface well, and having no traces of grease guarantees this adhesion.

hand painted kitchen altrincham

The doors and carcasses get a serious rub down for this hand painted kitchen using my dust free extraction sander.The usual sander will get a lot of dust into the air.  I can’t stand dust, even in small amounts. Therefore Mirka sanders are used.They have a fine mesh which allows over 90 percent of the dust to end up in the vacuum and not in the air. You would not notice any sanding was done in the kitchen area.

So, the priming stage is applying the primer onto the clean dust free surface.It was mixed to the same colour as the top coats to get that solidity of colour.

Each stage is important to get that final perfect finish.

The surfaces are checked and rubbed down with fine finishing paper to ensure there are no imperfections between coats.

hand painted kitchen altrincham

Three coats of eggshell finish were applied.

By the end the kitchen unit cabinets and doors were looking stunning!

hand painted kitchen altrincham

That’s when the excitement builds up towards the end of the project! All the hard work was paying off creating a hand painted kitchen of excellence!

The clients were impressed and loving it.That is what counts!

I love to create my masterpieces. they have to be impressive.That’s the difference in a hand painted kitchen painter specialist.

See you on the next one.Bye for now.





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