Hand Painted Kitchen, Sale

Hand Painted Kitchen , Sale

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This kitchen had been previously painted in a cream similar to what it was previously painted.


It was over 15 years old and had worn out in places.

The main areas where a kitchen wears out are around the sink area. This is due to a lit of water being splashed about

There was to be a colour change for the island of this hand painted kitchen, Sale

The  feature wall of the kitchen was Citrine by Little Greene Paint Company.

Island painted in Citrine by JJ Painting Services

The client chose this colour for the Island.

As you can see with the final result, it is a stunning and different choice.

Island painted in"Citrine"

The kitchen was taken apart. All the doors and drawers were taken away to my workshop after removing the handles and hinges too.

The key to having a successful re -paint is to thoroughly de-grease and prepare the surfaces. Paying attention to the areas which tend to get banged or are susceptible to chipping get extra treatment.

A good adhesion primer is then applied. Now this will pay dividends in durability and longevity in your kitchen as it prevents chipping .The primer will be adhered on and part of the fabric, so to speak.

Having the primer tinted to the same colour of the top coats has at least 2 advantages:  First, the solidity of colour builds up. Secondly, if the top coat  is somehow chipped off, the primer coat won’t be and exposes the same colour.

So, once the primer is on, I then apply two coats of top coat.

Right now, the contemporary choice is having a traditional 10 percent sheen.
This is reminiscent to period properties of old.

The coats are given a light sand to maintain a super smooth finish.

  • Hand Painted Kitchen in Sale.

I like to paint all the doors and drawers flat as it allows the paint to flow out and prevents any drips.Also, it allows you to not hold back on paint.

My kitchen painting techniques work to a stunning, super smooth and durable finish, just like this one.

If you prefer  a spray painted finish, I can accommodate this.

Whichever your kitchen painting preferences, please contact me  You are very welcome to ask me any questions regarding your kitchen painting requirements.

This hand painted kitchen, Sale near Chorlton is superbly and stunningly painted to perfection.
I hope the photos reflect this.



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