Spray Painted Kitchen Bolton

Welcome to the blog about the spray painted kitchen Bolton.

Spray painted kitchen in Bradshaw, Bolton painted in Strong White.

So what kind of finish should you expect from a spray painted kitchen?

Spray Painted Kitchen. Professional Service.

The reason I ask this is because of some peoples expectations.

They seem to believe that the finish will look “sprayed”.

When they say “sprayed” they think it is not going to  be ultra smooth and have a speckled effect to it. Or on worse case scenario an orange peel effect.

Let me assure you, this is an orange peel free zone!

Strong White painted kitchen

The kitchens I spray are ultra smooth to the point that you can’t tell it has been sprayed. Please see close up photos below.

Spray painted kitchen in Bradshaw, Bolton painted in Strong White.

So, lets get on with the rest of this article:

This kitchen was dismantled by taking off the doors and drawers. Also the kicker boards. Anything that can come off, should come off.

Some kitchen sprayers leave on the kicker boards. I don’t recommend this as i like to get the undersides painted as well for ultimate protection.

It also allows the kitchen to be cleaned of old cobwebs, dirt, grease, – you name it!

Everything is then thoroughly de greased.

Then sanded down to form a key for the adhesion primer.

The adhesion primer is not any old primer.  It does what it says. Adheres to prevent any chipping of the top coats in the future.

This procedure is repeated.

Then it is given a top coat and left to dry.

A light abrading is given followed by a vacuuming and cleaning with a specialist dust removing cloth.

A final coat is given and, as you can see by the photos. The finish turns out well!

Spray painted in Strong White

I thoroughly enjoy spraying kitchens and transforming them.

They look and are brand new again.

With a change of knobs, tops and tiling it becomes a new space for a  newly spray painted kitchen!

This particular spray painted kitchen had new knobs put on after.

As you can see, it looks stunning!






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