Spray Painted Kitchen Bolton

Spray Painted Kitchen Bolton.

This kitchen was a major transformation!

As you can see bu the photo below, it was a cream coloured kitchen.

It also had ceramic white handles.


But look at the transformation now! Spray painted kitchen Bolton lookimg good!

The contrasting colours of Dimpse and Stone blue make this kitchen so interesting!

Kitchen painted in Dimpse and Stone Blue

With the addition of chrome handles it then really popped!

Spray Painted Kitchen in Bolton
This kitchen was spray paintes using an italian paint especially created to withstand the knocks and rigours of daily life,

it also has the aesthetic appeal of having low sheen finishes which are still very hard wearing, wipeable and will not fade with age. Or go yellow!

The process is to take off all the doors and drawers,then bring them back to my workshop for thorough de- greasing.

The fixed areas that can’t be taken away are also freed of contaminants.

I had two primer colours which were the same colour of the top coats- Dimpse and Stone Blue.

They surfaces had a light dust coat of primer, followed by a full coat which adheres like an etching or adhesion primer.

After de-nibbing and a full clean the surfaces had two full coats, of course.

In between it gets sanded down and de-nibbed to ensure a perfect final coat,

As I cannot take the in situ parts to the workshop, I use an extraction fan.

This takes any paint particles away from the house.

The whole process is free of nasty chemicals as I do not use harsh paints that are bad for you or the environment.

The paint is very tough and is the leading paint in spray technology which is safe. At the same time it does not smell and is friendly to your household.

What a difference a perfect spray painted finish can make to a space.

If you would like a spray painter who knows his business and cares about perfect finishes and outcomes, give me a call.

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  1. Sue penson says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could spray my kitchen , I have had a go at painting it my self , so I am not sure if you can help

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