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Hand Painted Kitchen Knutsford

This kitchen was previously painted with Tikkurila Feelings Furniture paint which is waterbased. It didn’t last very well as the grease from the cooking fats had eaten it away. This left bare patches with the primer showing through underneath.   This is where I came in to the rescue.ified a traditional oil eggshell from Little Greene Paint Company. This would deal with any  oozing fats and grease. I wouldn’t use Tikkurila on kitchens, only furniture that is definitely not in a potentially heavy grease environment.   I did,  however,  prime the kitchen with Tikkurila Otex high adhesion primer which is oil based and passes all my tests and gets 9 out of 10 on stain blocking, adhesion and easy flow and levelling. This was after serious  degreasing and  abrading off the flaking paint.   It received 3 top coats of the eggshell finish,   As always, as in this hand painted kitchen in Knutsford,  I take off all the doors and knobs to ensure a perfect product which doesn’t have visible brush marks. I lay them flat on my pro- racking system in my workshop.They get put back looking perfect and beyond the client’s  expectations.

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