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Hand Painted Kitchen Chorlton

On this project the whole house was being renovated and the kitchen needed, well er… a new kitchen.


The kitchen was bought pre-primed and was white as the blank canvas.


My client, James, chose a French Grey colour and it was to be painted in a low sheen eggshell.


This specification was not a problem knowing my vast product knowledge, so  I specified oil eggshell by Paint and Paper Library (also previously known as Traditional oil Eggshell by Little Greene Paint Company).Little Greene make Paint and Paper Library paints so I know what I am getting and it is the same formulation.


The oil eggshell is a little tricky to apply if you don’t know what you are doing and it has a tendency to flash on any overlapping, so one needs to keep on moving, get it right and don’t go back over it. It is recommended that you use Owatrol with this product as it dries so rapidly it’s untrue. Also a very small amount of white spirit to thin it down as the paint is thick and very durable even with thin coats applied.

I always add my go to primer, Otex .despite kitchens being pre- primed just to be on the safe give it a prime if the manufacturer can’t tell you what it is.

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