Hand Painted Kitchen,Wilmslow

hand painted kitchen wilmslow


This is a hand painted kitchen in Wilmslow which has been transformed from a dated oak look to something more aesthetic and modern.

The client wasn’t prepared to rip out the old kitchen for something that probably would not be the same build quality as this solid oak kitchen.

I recommended French Grey by Little Greene Paint Company as a colour.I also recommended that this hand painted kitchen to be  was painted using Tikkurila Helmi 10 due to its hard wearing properties.

hand painted kitchen wilmslow

I used to use Traditional oil eggshell by Little Greene but it is now,unfortunately, discontinued.

I took off all the doors and knobs and took them to my workshop where I spent a few days giving them a good de-greasing, sanding them down and applying Otex  high adhesion primer by Tikkurila.

I followed this with sanding down between coats and applying three coats of the Helmi 10. I also sanded down between coats to ensure a super smooth and perfect finish.

hand painted kitchen wilmslow

The above procedure was applied to the carcasses and end panels of the kitchen.

Used is  a system called ‘roll and tip’ where I roll on the paint and smooth off with the tip of the brush. This ensures that the paint goes on evenly and smooth. The tipping gets rid of the orange peel marks  of the roller.

it has been noted  some kitchens have been  painted with just a roller. This is definitely a no no. Time and effort should be spent to bring you the ultimate finish.

Masking  off all the areas around the kitchen which means that the granite is covered with grade 1200 lining paper and also the floor. This is so that the kitchen can be vacuumed daily until the in situ parts are finished.This eliminates the use of dust sheets which kick up dust in the air when moved at the end of the day. A hand painted kitchen has to be scrupulously clean!

hand painted kitchen wilmslow

The doors were hung back on with the new knobs and voila! Another hand painted kitchen created by my good self.


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