Hand Painted Kitchen Edenfield

Before picture of painted kitchen Edenfield
Here is the hand painted kitchen in Edenfield. Well, before it was hand painted.

It was looking a bit orange and needed updating.

The layout was great and the kitchen was solid.

Hand painted kitchen Edenfield
The kitchen was uplifted to the degree that it changed the spacial appearance of the kitchen by a major degree.
Perfectly Hand Painted Finsh, Edenfield
Yes, it was hand painted, not sprayed. I do, however, spray paint kitchens too which I have blogged about on this site.
Attention to detail is key to achieving a perfect finish.

Nothing is painted around. Each piece if hardware is removed.

The glass was also removed so that I could get to the back bars which I could not get access to without removing the glass.

On this project I used Tikkurila Otex primer. This was mixed to the same colour as the top coats of Everal Aqua.

The colour- Skimming Stone.

As the name suggests it is of a 10% sheen level. Very popular, and gives a refined finish.

kitchen painted in Skimming Stone.
The kitchen had become fitting of a kitchen in a modernised cottage which maintained a traditional feel by having it perfectly hand painted  by myself.
If you have a hand painted kitchen in Edenfield, or the surrounding areas, give me a call if you require it painting.

As I mentioned previously, I spray paint kitchens as well.

You can contact me on 07939 517915.

You can also fill in the contact box on this website too, but most people prefer the direct call approach.

I can answer any questions you may have or any concerns about having your kichen painted.

I   have over 25 years of experience in painting kitchens and have many great reviews on Google. These are genuine ones with no option to delete any one who writes an unfavourable review.


Some companies do this with reviews and paint kitchens in a couple of days.This will not give you a long lasting or aesthetic quality.

I take my time achieving the correct preparation and application of primers and paint finishes.

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