Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm Cheshire

Hand Painted Kitchen Lymm Cheshire.

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen

This was a fun project to do. Especially when it is a high end Mark Wilkinson kitchen.

In fact this kitchen was bought when Mark Wilkinson was starting up in the back of a design studio in Cheshire.

My clients had bought it as an Ash kitchen with very thick solid doors.

Hand painted kitchen door

They wanted a change to lighten up the space around their kitchen.

Hand Painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen Lymm Cheshire

After a consultation, we agreed on painting it in Wevet for the main cabinets, and Lulworth Blue for the island.

Lulworth Blue

As this kitchen is hand painted, it is imperative that the brush marks are hardly visible. When I paint your kitchen by hand, you will be hard pushed to find brush marks in the paintwork.

Hand painted perfection

The colours above where mixed to an equivalent to Tikkurilla Everal Aqua 10 which is a tough acrylic anamel which will not yellow or discolour in the future.

The reason I use the above top coats in hand painted kitchen coatings is that it is more durable and scratch resistant. The sheen level of 10% is very aesthetic too and serves to be a very popular choice in refined furniture.

I use a very different paint when spray painting for a factory finish. This is a service I also do. However, when painting something like a Mark Wilkinson Kitchen, hand painted is the only option based on the style.

As ever, I take all the doors and drawers off and take them to my workshop where they are painted flat.

They go through the process of degraseing, sanding, priming and 3 top coats.

The results are stunning!

I have been hand painting kitchens for years, always striving for perfection. Indeed it is perfection.

I hope you like the photos.

My clients did of this hand painted kitchen Lymm Cheshire.




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