Hand Painted Furniture Bolton

Hand Painted Furniture Bolton.

I also hand paint furniture as well as kitchens.

Before picture before painting.

In this example of hand painted furniture Bolton,the darkened wood effect needed to go to invite a more contemporary look. However the functionality of this furniture served well and needed just a colour change.

Painted using Tikkurila Intact 10

This furniture was primed and painted using Tikkurila products.

Hand Painted Furniture Bolton

The finish is a low sheen and is about 10 %. A little less shiny than most, so looks more refined.

Yes this was painted ny hand.

My clients here had their furniture painted with Tikkurila  Intac 8. This is a really tough enamel with a very low sheen at just 8%.

The furniture was sturdy and solid. They loved their furniture and just wanted a colour change. They also would were concerned that they wouldn’t  find anything of solid build that would be as good. That’s where my services came in.

There is always a system in painting perfectly finished furniture.The first product used after cleaning and decreasing is Tikkurila  High Adhesion primer. This gives a solid foundation for the top coats to go on. Chips are very unlikely as it adheres really well to the surface. Top coats grip to it as well giving it an almost bash proof finish.

I also paint kitchens in this finish too as it is very tough and robust. With the high adhesion primer underneath, it would take some serious effort to try and chip any of the paint off.

If you would like to see more of my work, why not check out my other blogs, there are plenty to look at and I am able to come and paint your furniture ot kitchen anywhere in the North West.

There are also sample doors for you to view so that you can be sure you are getting the best possible quality of workmanship and finish.

You dont have to take my word for it. Just ask me to bring one when you invite me into your home. You deserve the best.


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