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Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool

A drab kitchen in need of a revamp.


This was a photo sent to me by my client wondering if I could do something with it. The doors and carcasses were in good solid condition and the client did not want to pay massive amounts of cash to have it replaced by a hand painted kitchen.

Instead it could be painted to a hand painted kitchen with specialist professional finish.


I was asked what would be the most hard wearing paint whilst maintaining the hand painted kitchen look. I replied saying an oil based finish such as Paint and Paper Library would be the most durable for this kitchen.


In fact this is superb for all kitchens if you would like a very hard finish which will not be affected by oils, grease, dirt and the day to day knocks of a family kitchen. Oil is still best and I also recommend Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell as it cures very hard like an enamel after about a month. Water based paints like Helmi 10 tend to scuff easily-you just have to touch it with your fingernail and it’s scuffed! It is hard wearing though but does mark easily. You won’t get this with Oil based Paint and Paper Library Eggshell which is the same formula as the now discontinued Traditional Oil Eggshell. It has a gorgeous 15 to 20% sheen level but it gets less as it cures and ends up as a 10% sheen in my opinion.

So, this Kitchen had that traditional look with robustness.

My client was over the moon and couldn’t believe this standard of painting could be achieved by hand.


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