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I travel all over the North West of England, including Preston, Lancashire, even abroad to paint the perfect kitchen.

I had the pleasure of this commission in Great Eccleston, a lovely little village where everyone seems to know each other and their business. It’s a real tight community and rare to see these days with our permissive society and not caring what goes on like people did thirty or so years ago. It has a lovely bakers shop with traditional ingredients which kept me going whilst working on the kitchen painting. So, pardon me if I don’t get into all the historical stuff about the village or area, this is a blog about the kitchen and the paint and materials I use.

The paint was an oil based eggshell by Paint and Paper Library, The client wanted a super robust finish and something that would last a long long time.

Paint and paper Library Oil Eggshell is a little tricky to apply like the old Traditional Eggshell – now discontinued- which was made by Little Greene Paint Company. In fact, Little Greene make Paint and Paper Libary paints. It is all under the banner of Berger paints actually.

The tricky application is easily handled with a dash of Owatrol paint conditioner. This lets the paint flow out and gives you a little longer working time, but be quick with it, apply it to the area, lay off and don’t come back to it, otherwise it will flash. As an oil based you have to be extra extra careful not to have dust on anything- no dust in the paint, on your brush, in the paint kettle, and indeed no dust on the furniture. I usually vacuum off and apply a couple of swipes with new microfibre cloths. The last coat is always finished off with a brand new brush, in that way you are certain there will be no debris coming off the brush and onto the painted surface.

The finish is always superb!

More on the paint I use. The kitchen above would have been painted in Little Greene Paint Company’s  Traditional Oil Eggshell. They have discontinued this to my disappointment. It has been replaced with flat eggshell. Unfortunately it doesnt cut it finish wise.

My go to kitchen paint is Tikkurila. The above kitchen repainted in oil as it was requested for and the customer wanted that brand. I tend to use a lot if Tikkurila Helmi 10. It has the toughness, durability and aesthetic low sheen finish which makes a kitchen look grand indeed.

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