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Hand Painted Kitchens Manchester

Why hand painted kitchens?
Well, you could day it’s an English thing. A Traditional thing. But, a hand painted kitchen is a specialist product and a thing of great aesthetic  beauty.
Real traditional kitchens are made of oak, poplar and MDF, pine, or a combination of materials. The look of the kitchen, by having it hand painted gives it soul  it has a residual feeling that a real live being has expertly painted it,. It’s in the air in the environment of the kitchen and inside the very substance of the kitchen itself.
There is also the option of colour change in the future. Yes you can say this about any kitchen but you do not get that aesthetic vibe of a hand painted one.
A spray painted finish gives  a nice finish but it’s never the same in feel of ambience.
So, if you would like to have a  hand painted kitchen, give me a call. (07939517915) Even if it is a previously spray painted or melamine type finish, I can convert this into a beautiful work of art  expertly hand painted to perfection.

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