Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury

Hand painted kitchen in Didsbury.

This kitchen was made and supplied by Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch.

Kitchen before hand painting

They are of a very good quality and give great value in my opinion as I have painted a lot of  hand made kitchens made from tulip wood and mdf panels.Even the MDF is green and of great quality-moisture resistant medium density fibre board (MRMDF).

This hand painted kitchen Didsbury project begins with taking all the doors and drawers off and taken to my workshop.

Hand painted kitchen Didsbury

The in situ areas are all masked up with protection on the flooring and any areas which could get paint on them such as worktops and connecting walls.

Although these doors and drawers are made of tulip wood, there are always some knots, which probably are not resinous, but need a coat of knotting solution just to be on the safe side. Standard practice for kitchen painting preparation.

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury

I like to use an oil based primer on an MDF and tulip wood door as the MDF is sealed well, will not fur up and sands down to a glassy like surface when rubbed down using a Mirka Gold pad of 320 grit.

The primer I used on this was Tikkurila Otex oil based primer. This was tinted to the two top coat colours.

Once all the doors, drawers and in situ areas were primed,they were left to dry for the next day.

They were then meticulously sanded down to a super smooth finish, double checked with a swipe of the hand after vacuuming off the dust.

Hand Painted in Didsbury

For the top coat I felt it suitable to continue using the Tikkurila system and used Everal Aqua 10 for the top coats. 10 stands for 10 percent sheen. It is advertised on the tin as a matt also but this is when you look at the kitchen directly, however there is a very slight, subtle and unobtrusive sheen. That is perfect for this kitchen and allows enough flexibility and toughness for the kitchen.

After the first top coat, the second is applied beyond a light rub down with grade 400 paper and vacuumed. It is also a good idea to wipe the surfaces down with a clean microfiber cloth.

Painted Island in Lamp Black

There you have it! A perfectly hand painted kitchen in Didsbury!

Hand Painted Kitchen Didsbury






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