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Down Pipe Hand Painted Kitchen Chorlton

  • This particular kitchen was one of Howdens pre- primed range.

It was in white. I don’t trust the primer as I can’t always guarantee what they use or whether the top coats will be compatible, so I use a primer that I know which will fully adhere to any surface and also be compatible with the top coats of Helmi 10 by  Tikkurila which has a beautiful 10% sheen and is really tough whilst giving a refined finish.

The colour of the primer is also important so that it matches up to the top coats. This builds up the colour and really does give a solidity of colour.

I appreciate you checking out my blogs and reading up on this subject. If you are looking at having your kitchen painted and don’t really know what a hand painted finish will look like, then you can view one of my sample doors.

Specialist hand painted kitchens  have barely any visible brush marks, if any. It’s a truly specialised skill with hours and hours of practice and years of experience. It’s also wise to see if the kitchen painter can deliver, so, always ask to view a sample. I usually carry one with me and show off my proud work!

Tikkurila has a great matching service to any colour. This particular kitchen was painted to a colour equivalent to “Down Pipe”.

Many of my latest kitchens have been in bold, dark grey, however , that’s not for everyone! Creams and mid greys are also quite popular depending on the space, surrounding colour environment, and style of kitchen.

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