Spray Painted Kitchen in Chorlton

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As you can see here, this kitchen was bare and raw from the start.

Knotting solution applied before spraying primer coat.

It was supplied by Pineworld.

The kitchen was very knotty, so knotting solution was a must.

ZINSSER BIN being appliedIn this case i used two applications of Zinsser BIN where it needed it.

The whole kitchen could have been sprayed first with BIN but the bare pine must remain flexible in my view.

You see BIN can be a bit brittle, so it is used where it is needed and no more.

The doors and drawers were taken off and primed in the workshop.

There were a few gaps in the panelling which became visible after priming.This was to be expected.

The gaps were then filled with flexible caulk and we’re re primed to accept the top coats and not crack or craze.

The carcasses and end panels were given the same treatment. Of course the woodwork was finely sanded after the first coat of primer.

I tend to use the same colour of primer as the top coats to guarantee solidity of colour for this spray painted kitchen in Chorlton.

Spray painted kitchen Chorlton

The kitchen was applied with 2 coats of eggshell finish at 10 percent. Abrasion was between 2 coats.

The doors and drawers were brought back in moving blankets which ensures that there is no way the doors can get marked whilst transporting them.

They all fitted back perfectly. Sometimes when dealing with wood, it can expand or warp slightly.

If this occurs I can get this dealt with usually on site.

The end result was stunning!

From a bare pine to a lovely French Grey and French Grey Mid.

Once the knobs go on it really pops!

Spray painted kitchen Chorlton

And so it did to welcome the clients newly born baby daughter.

They were all truly delighted!

Kitchen painting Chorlton

The spray painted kirchen in Chorlton is one of many in the area. It’s a growing trend!

Definitely becoming more popular to have a traditional style kitchen.



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