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Hand Painted Pine Kitchen Knutsford

This kitchen was supplied by kitchen and furniture makers Pineworld in Northwich, Cheshire.

It was very knotty as you can see in the photo. However this was no concern as I had it stain blockes twice with Zinsser BIN which is a shellac  stain blocker that prevents the resins or tannins from coming through, eventually, the painted surface and showing those light brown spots you see on paintwork where it was not blocked in the first place. Doing it twice just makes double sure.

I then applied a coat of Otex High Adhesion Primer which was tinted to the top coats – in this case Pavillion Grey and Hague Blue.


The insides of the cabinets were varnished. I used three coats of Tikkurila Kiva 30- a very tough water based varnish which would take the knocks and scrapes of tins inside the cupboards.


For the top coats I gave it two coats of Caparol PU Satin in a match to the colours mentioned above. This is a polyurethane waterbourne acrylic. It is one of the toughest paints on the market today and does not mark easily. I absolutely loathe a sub standard paint which might look great but quickly marks. This is not ethical as the customer is paying a decent amount for something which needs to last a long time. Besides. the kitchen is one of the heaviest used areas of the home. Next to that is Scuff-X by Benjamine Moore which is seriously tough but is a bit flatter in sheen at around 15 percent.  Pu Satin is about 18-20 to my eye.

My Clients Susan and Stephan were delighted with the finish and the perfect sheen which was not too much. All just in time for the kids to finish that pumpkin for Halloween.

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