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Hand Painted Kitchen Worsley

A very dark kitchen indeed.

The clients liked the layout and the quality of the kitchen and wanted to make it lighter as it wasn’t reflecting in enough light.

The client had looked at various shades of grey a had finally picked a colour very similar to Lamp Room Grey.

As with most kitchens, it was quite greasy after years of use. So removal of any trace of grease is absolutely imperative in order to make the primer and subsequent coats stick permanently. In this case I used Tikkurila’s Maalipesu which was very effective. It’s always a good policy to repeat the process to ensure all the grease is gone even though the Maalipesu can seem to make the grease turn into a powdery film. And there’s no harm in going for a third clean over. I can’t stress enough  how important this step is.

I had the primer mixed to the top coat colour as I always want to build up that depth of colour making it look really solid. I used Otex.

After priming I applied two coats of Benjamine Moore’s Scuff-X. This is a waterbased paint like no other. It is incredibly tough and totally fit for purpose when painting kitchens. It has a lovely sheen which is not too much and very traditional looking. I’d say it’s around 12 to 15 percent in sheen level. It’s fast drying and can be re- coated in the same day without dragging and creating unwarranted brush marks.

The result is stunning.

Now a completely different look with the durability to withstand the use of a kitchen.


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