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Hand Painted Kitchen Warrington

This kitchen was just the layout my clients wanted, however it was a bit dated and wanted the bespoke hand painted kitchen look.

They chose a nice bold colour- Aquamarine by Little Greene Paint Company.

After de- greasing and sanding  I set to work masking up the whole kitchen to ensure no paint ends uo where it shouldn’t  be. This is usual practice with all my  kitchen painting.


I used Traditional Oil Eggshell which is now obsolete, however the same paint can be aquired through Paint and Paper Library and it is called Oil Eggshell. In fact Little Greene make Paint and Paper Library paints.


There were a lot of intricate areas like the wine rack shelving which was quite unique and a feature my clients wanted to keep. These were painted to precision.


I always use high adhesion primer on my kitchen which is Otex by Tikkurila. This is incredible at stickimg to any surface and stain blocking is superb.



A gorgeous aquamarine kitchen.




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