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Hand Painted Kitchen Stockport – Marple Bridge

This Kitchen was originally waxed pine.

In the preparation stage, it was important to get off all of the wax using a powerful degreaser.

Once I got rid of the wax, I then primed it twice with Zinsser BIN which was let down a little with methylated spirits to avoid brush marks as it dries quickly. I then applied a coat of Otex High Adhesion Primer. This priming system was done to ensure that no residual wax or tannins would come through onto the painted surface in the future and would give a sound surface to start applying the top coats.

The top coat was Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell in Purbeck Stone and Stiffkey Blue. This Eggshell is tricky for most to apply and is avoided by some Kitchen painters, but I really do like it because it is one of the true tough finishes around. It is a hybrid- oil suspended in water.

I applied three coats with Purdy Sprig Elite Brushes. They really do lay off well, and when using the estate eggshell it can get a bit stringy which is an absolute no no in my books. The Sprig delivered handsomely giving a virtually brush free finish. An added trick is to roll the paint on first so it goes on evenly and gives you time to tip off taking off the orange peel effect which would be there if it was left with no tipping off or laying off. I use a microfibre roller by Two Fussy Blokes which gives a really smooth finish, but is made smoother with a light pass of the brush.


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