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Hand Painted Kitchen Middleton

The colour of this oak kitchen was too dark for my client. She wanted the modern hand painted kitchen look.

The format was just as she wanted. The quality and solidness of the kitchen was superb despite being many years old. So why have everything pulled out and start again?

It is quite a large financial outlay when you have the answer right in front of you and can spend a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. One also has to consider the tiling, electrics, and even plumbing.

Most people do not appreciate what a specialist in hand painted kitchens can achieve. Some would go for the sprayed option, but a perfectly hand painted kitchen has minimal if no brush marks. You would have to struggle to see a brush mark  in my hand painted kitchens and furniture.

It’s  all about technique and using the right products. I have used many oil based products and some water based paints. Nowadays, I use a combination of both. For the primer I always use Tikkurila’s Otex as it is very good at hiding stains an will prevent tannins coming through the wood in the future. It also has excellent adhesion so makes a furniture virtually chip proof.

The top coats are Tikkurila Helmi 10 which is a 10 percent sheen and gives kitchens a beautiful but understated aesthetic finish. I usually apply three coats.

This kitchen was thoroughly transformed to a thing of beauty. The client was, of course, delighted and did not realize that one could achieve such a finish by hand.

I try to give some close up side shots so you can see the finish. I don’t give overall shots from a distance as my only shots. What you see is hand painted perfection.

If you require my services, I can easily and rapidly give you a quotation via Email before meeting up as I do appreciate that you need to see a face to the name with so many things being sold on the internet.

Until then, enjoy the rest of my blogs and thank you for reading.




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