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Hand Painted Kitchen Liverpool

I paint a lot of kitchens. From brand new installations to make over from dark pine to a stunning masterpiece.

This kitchen was a Charles Yorke Kitchen.

It had been previously painted. In fact new flooring had been laid down, and the entire kitchen had to be removed! This once put back,  it needed painting again.

In fact, it looked better than it did in the first place. Reason being, I spotted some imperfections which were not to my discerning eye.

I thoroughly rubbed down all the surfaces after  giving the kitchen a serious de greasing to ensure there were no residues of grease to interfere with the application of the high adhesion primer which was mixed to the colour of the top coats.

I applied the three coats of Tikkurila Helmi 10 eggshell finish  rubbing down between coats to give it a super smooth finish.

The results were, as always, fantastic!


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