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Hand Painted Kitchen Chorlton

This kitchen had been painted many years ago and it was time to have a refresh.

When I say refresh it’s not just a couple of coats of paint. It’s an entire process to make the kitchen look superb with incredible durability.

So, this kitchen was given a thorough degrease and abrading prior to any paint being applied.

I use an oil based finish called Otex by Tikkurila which has outstanding properties which ensure and guarantee an unchippable paint finish. It’s the best on the market in my opinion.

Once the primer was applied, I de nib if required. This is very little to none as the surface  I paint onto is scrupulously  clean with no traces of dust as I go over the surface with micro fibre cloths. Of course one has to check to be sure.

Once the primer is on , it gives a perfect foundation to take three coats of Helmi 10. It is  a beautiful  low  ten percent  sheen finish. It looks grand and stately and gives furniture that understated look.

This kitchen was painted in equivalent colours to Farriow and Ball Dimpse and Stiffkey Blue.


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