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Hand Painted Kitchen and Furniture in Didsbury

This project was not only challenging, but fun!

The kitchen had been built and primed ready for painting.

When you want durability it is always vital to find out what the primer is on the surface prior to applying top coats. If in doubt- prime with your favourite primer.


The one I go to is Otex oil based Tikkurila primer as it has never failed to give the adhesion and performance when applying top coats. You can apply waterbased and oil based over it.

The house had other furniture in bedrooms and bathrooms around the house and most of that tulip wood and MDF. I always use the Otex on the MDF as it soaks into it and ‘freezes’ the fibres. then with a light rub down with a 240 grit paper, it sands down to a glass like finish. Don’t use waterbased products on MDF as they can be problematic. just check out these problems on the internet, they are a p;enty. You can use other oil products such as Zinsser Coverstain. Just remember to add a little white spirit to the primer so it has a chance to soak in, then re- coat as normal.


With all the major prep done it was a dream to paint. The client wanted a durable finish, so I recommended an oil eggshell by Paint and Paper Library.



This was the same throughout the house bar the wardrobe doors which were white painted in Mythic Eggshell finish, very nice for wardrobes, but would not paint a kitchen due to the grease potential (Mythic is waterbased).


Check out the photos and see what you think. It all came out very well. the customers were over the moon. Matt and Cath, my clients,  said they had never seen a kitchen that well painted as he has seen many being in the high end property business.






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